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Hello Wildcats!

Ms. Bargetto and Wiley

My name is Ms. B and I am the school counselor here at Oregon Trail Elementary.  I am an advocate for students so that every student has the opportunity to reach their fullest academic and social potential. I am passionate about meeting the individual needs of every student and doing my best to remove barriers so every student can experience success. My hope is for students to enjoy school, feel safe, and to become lifelong learners.

As a parent or guardian, please do not hesitate to call me anytime to talk about concerns or questions you might have. I am happy to support you as well as help you locate resources as needed.


Gianna Bargetto (Ms. B)



Gianna Bargetto, School Counselor 


Phone: 503.353.5542


Oregon Trail Counseling Vision Statement :

Oregon Trail Elementary's counseling program envisions all students developing into self-aware, courageous, and kind human beings who positively contribute to their communities after high school graduation and into adulthood. Oregon Trail Elementary students will understand their strengths while acknowledging their responsibility to learn and achieve their full academic and personal potential.


Oregon Trail Counseling Mission Statement :

 Oregon Trail Elementary is committed to providing a preventative and comprehensive counseling program that helps students thrive academically, socially, and in their career development throughout their lifetimes. We see our students, parents, and community as partners as we create a warm and thriving space for learning that is equitable, accessible and successful for every student.


Offered Services:

Individual Counseling 

I am here to help students on an individual basis as needed.  In an individual counseling session, students' immediate needs are met with both empathy and equity. Students are given the opportunity to voice concerns, create goals, and work on individual skills. Students can be referred by a parent or teacher, or they can self-refer by coming to my office anytime.

Small Group Counseling 

Small group counseling is an important way to help students who are dealing with similar issues.  Students can be referred for small group counseling through parents, staff members, and themselves. Small groups usually meet once a week for six to eight sessions and vary throughout the school year based on student needs.

Sample Group Themes:

  • Anxiety

  • Friendship/Social Skills  

  • Study Skills 

  • Emotion Regulation 

  • Self-Esteem

  • Mindfulness 


Classroom Lessons

Classroom guidance lessons are an important part of a comprehensive school counseling program because it gives the counselor a chance to reach every student throughout the school year. Lessons are developed to meet students' academic, career, and personal-social needs. Topics will include conflict management, safety, and college/career. Each classroom will receive around 10 lessons throughout the year!